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Passing of a good man

Hello all,

Just had word from Alain Swainsons doughter Dawn, that Alan passed away peacefully in hospital yesterday morning.

He was an excellent craftsman, and made all kinds of sheet metal products for our bikes, he will be sadly missed!

Lex Schmidt

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Re: Passing of a good man

Yes very sad indeed. A real gent and a very clever guy. He stopped going to jumbles a couple of years ago as he was approaching 80 and didn't like the travelling and standing in the cold. He made this chaincase for me last year for my experimental Royal Enfield (copied from an original that I managed to borrow) I will not replace it even if an original falls in my lap. I'd rather stencil his name on this one. Ron


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Re: Passing of a good man

I did a lot of work with Alan in the past...He made me a number of batches of parts..As noted he was a very skilled craftsman, something to be admired in anyone and in any trade....

Sadly, skills like this haven't generally got the recognition they should have in the UK anymore....

I send my best wishes and condolences to Alans family...I'm sure he won't be forgotten by those that appreciated his abilities and knew him as a nice bloke to work with...Ian

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Re: Passing of a good man

Evening Ron et all, Although I didn't have the privilege of knowing the Gentleman concerned, may I at least say, his work is his memorial.
My condolences to all concerned.

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