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Dynamo - still confused

hi folks,
Still confused about which wire is the field and which one the dyno. My front plate is not marked so I'm not sure...

Looks like one of the brushes has disintegrated so at least I know why its not charging. Can anyone enlighten me please? The brush wire on the left goes straight to the front cover while the wire on the right goes into the inner workings to re-emerge to the RHS brush.

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Re: Dynamo - still confused

For sure that the 2 wires that goes in are from the field coil.

Be sure that you dont change them .otherwise it will not make power but it will work as a brake

Normaly the wires are different length.

I believe in the technical section you can find someting about the generator

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Re: Dynamo - still confused

The terminal connectors are marked left to right F and D ...but yours is a mess although the wiring looks to be in the correct order. The commutator however looks smeared and you will have to trust yourself to put it back together again. Unless you have some technical literature and the confidence to interpret it, you'd probably be best advised to parcel the whole lot off to someone who knows what they're doing.

Re: Dynamo - still confused

Hi Cas,

The single wire from the field coil which runs to the terminal,
Is the "F".

The other one, which goes from the brush, is the "D".


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