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Off Topic - Regulator or Regulator and Rectifier

I have a brand new regulator that I remember buying, but cannot remember for which bike. Unfortunately, I have lost receipts and the packaging.

I think it could be a solid state 12 volt regulator/rectifier which I bought for my triumph, which is positive earth and has Lucas Rita electronic ignition.

Does anyone know how I can check what I have?

My concern is frying things that should only be simmered.



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Re: Off Topic - Regulator or Regulator and Rectifier

Hello Patrick,

The BSA has a dynamo, which requires a regulator and a cut-off.
The dynamo is a "DC (Direct Current) machine".
The Triumph has an alternator, which requires a rectifier with a regulator,
Or a zener-diode.
The alternator is an "AC (Alternating Current) machine"
The units are not interchangeable.

Does the part you have, has anything at all marked on it?


Re: Off Topic - Regulator or Regulator and Rectifier

Hi Noam

Unfortunately no markings.

It looks like a 12v regulator rectifier with two yellow wires for the alternator and one black and one red wire (red to battery and black to earth....I guess!).

I was having problems with charging, I think this is why I bought the thing in the first place.

I think I might risk it and put it on the triumph for a second or two.

My existing Zenor seems not to be reducing the voltage sufficiently, with 15V going to a very small battery. It hasn't boiled the battery yet. However, with the lights off at full speed I get 15v, but with the lights on only 12v.

I will give it a go.



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Re: Off Topic - Regulator or Regulator and Rectifier

Hi Pat.

It sounds like what you got is a regulator rectifier for a one phaze alternator.
It should work instead of the Zener.

Good luck,

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