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rear wheel, BSA WM20

Good morning,

I am looking for some help/pics please to help me sort out the rear wheel on my bike.

Frame is BSA WM20 frame number unknown at this moment.

The issue is the rear bolts for the bolt on brake drum as the ones fitted go all the way thro (from side to side) where the parts lists shows them as short bolts, ??? ... am confused.

Bolts in question are 66-6070 and/or 33-5530

also can someone please give me the overall dimension or all the dimensions for the Spacer (BSA call it Hub packing washer) 26-6689

Thanks and any help appreciated, this thing is fighting me all the way.


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Re: rear wheel, BSA WM20

David, I didn't have time to host the photo just now but I have sent you a rough dimensioned hand drawing of the spacer.
Very straight-forward one to make.


Re: rear wheel, BSA WM20

David here's a scan from my parts list if it helps. The three bolts that hold the drum to the hub are #17 (33-5530) they are short but I have a set here that someone has welded a bar to each one with a square on the end in an attempt to enable easier removal with a standard spanner. Ron

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Re: rear wheel, BSA WM20

My thanks to all who replied and or sent me emails with information, help much appreciated

All sorted and look forward to the next challenge or "curve ball" she will throw me.


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