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m20 gear shift lever

Firstly i would like to thank those who have responded to my queries its been a great help.I have noticed in photos of m20s that the gear shift lever looks longer than mine. My lever is 3 3/4 inch long from centre of the spindle to centre of the foot lever is this normal length. I replaced the kick start lever with an original old stock and it was about 2 inches longer what a difference that made.

Re: m20 gear shift lever

The M20 lever is like this one advertised by Draganfly but not available

M gear lever 65 3171

whereas what you probably have is this,

B Gear lever 42 3017

I find the M version much easier to use and fit it to my B model bikes whenever I can find a lever. It is longer and means I don't have to lift my enormous foot off the footrest to shift gear. However they seem to be hard to find these days, at least here in Germany!!

If you find a source, let me know!



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Re: m20 gear shift lever

have you tried Cornucopia?

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