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M20 engine and gearbox removal, need wisdom please!

Hi All,
So I have finally found myself a project M20 and pick it up in a weeks time, borrowing the inlaws trusty Volvo estate.
At this time the engine and gear box are installed and I want to remove them for transit and put them in strong plastic crates in case they leak.
So, what spanner sizes do I need, plus any other top tips would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Scott Larke

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Re: M20 engine and gearbox removal, need wisdom please!

Scott you will need a set of Whitworth/BSF spanners. The three most common sizes are 3/16-1/4-5/16. If it's the project bike I think it is, you would be better to buy a complete set of modern Whitworth sockets and combination spanners before you set off, and I much prefer the hex sockets as opposed to 12 point sockets as they give you a much better chance on rounded off nuts and bolts. You will have to look 'on line' for a specialist tool supplier as you won't buy these at Halfords.

The other more difficult issue will be undoing the special clutch and engine shaft nuts which was originally performed with a 'C' spanner. But it so happens that Robb Nortier (USA) from this site has made unique sockets for this job and has given me some to sell for him. See his flyer below.

To be honest, I'd leave the engine and gearbox in the frame until you get home, and then ask for advice, rather than struggle in an alien environment, and God knows how many metric and/or UN fixings have been used on it? Ron
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