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Remove hub from BSA WD40 rear wheel

Hi all,

It might be a little out place here, but I need help removing the rear wheel hub of Bsa WD40. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Thank you!

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Re: Remove hub from BSA WD40 rear wheel

The WD B40 has a 'quickly detatchable' wheel set up the same as a post war swinging arm B31 for example...

As such the sprocket and brake drum assembly are mounted on a 'stub axle' and remain in the frame when the rear wheel is removed...The other part of the rear wheel spindle is screwed into the inner end of the stub axle...

Undo the wheel spindle from the offside of the bike and remove it...Remove the spacer from between the hub and the inner face of the swinging arm on that side...

The wheel has a spline on the 'crinkle hub' that fits into the back of the brake drum...So, pull the wheel towards the off side of the bike (where you removed the spacer) to remove it from the spline...The wheel can now be withdrawn...The entire brake/drum/chain/sprocket assembly remains in place....

From memory I think the WD B40 has a rear wheel drive speedo, if so, that will have to be disconnected as well....Ian

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