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Lucas horn paint

Was sandng down the paint on my Lucas horn and noticed that, under the green, there was black, then red primer. Made we wonder if the horns were delivered to BSA in black, then painted green with the bike before delivery to MOD.... or.... Were they installed by BSA after the bike was painted (meaning they were black when delivered to MOD), then got a coat of green in the field whe repainting the whole bike.

Anyone know the answer?


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Re: Lucas horn paint

In general, during wartime, Lucas parts were supplied in the current service colour. The LV7 lists refer to 'Service Green' etc. in the description. Post-war, who knows ? There is a good chance that replacements were taken from the civilian production line.

I'm not sure that I've ever seen a red oxide primer though.

I assume that the Irish Ministry of Defence followed British War Department contracts in this regard.

Re: Lucas horn paint

Hi rik

Irish bikes were identical in most cases
KM20's in 1939 as British war dept

WM 20 in 1940 differed in having a seat instead of a rear carrier & many had leg shields fitted - pillion footrests were after market items - most were deluxe models

WDM20 in 1941 appear to be hybrids - valence rear guards, standardised levers, non rubber mount handlebars, 8" headlight & a mix of baloon tank & symmetrical non cut away petrol tank, footrests were mixed between rubber & solid & bikes had front brake rods - approx 150 bikes - I would have to double check

WDM20 - 500 bikes from S5209 delivered in 1946 were std war dept spec

This is it as far as I know


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