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Balls in timing case

Am busy reassembling M20 engine and have sourced a good timing cover with good quill. I have fitted 2 new rubbers but I am a little confused about the 2 ball bearings that I have. One is 3/16 I think and I assume it goes under the spring of the pressure relief valve, but what about the other larger one - 1/4 I think. Where does that one go, and should there only be one of these? First port of call for diagrams is often Draganfy, but their diagram of the timing cover is not very good so I hope that somebody with more experience than me will be able to help. Thanks. Mike

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Re: Balls in timing case

Glad you got a proper answer on your further thread....

When I saw the title of this thread, I thought you'd had a strange accident due to an unusual fetish......

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