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Broken spoke nipples


I have a couple of spokes on my M20 back wheel that are starting to show signs of cracking on the nipple. I say starting but they look like they have been like that for a long time. I am contemplating, for safety sake, repairing the wheel over winter. I cant decide whether I can get away with snipping out the offending spokes one at a time and replacing with good or whether to re-lace the whole wheel. I have some experience in the latter but from your experience is it needed ?

Posting again as my last attempt failed - apologies if it ends up a duplication.



Re: Broken spoke nipples

There's no problem with replacing individual spokes/nipples as needed...Once the ones that have failed are replaced retrue and retension the whole assembly...Ian

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Re: Broken spoke nipples

I did this on my old Norton once. I can say from experience, it' worth getting a few extra spokes and nipples, as when I replaced and re-tensioned, a few others weren't up to scratch after disturbance.

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