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Canadian Nortons.

Canadian Nortons? but not certain.

Re: Canadian Nortons.

According to the goggles they wear it looks like they are British.

Regards, ramon

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Re: Canadian Nortons.

As far as I'm aware, the placement of the spare wheel on the front panel and the use of a Motley mount for the Bren on the SWD Big 4 were pretty much only Canadian practice. I'm sure that Lex will confirm though.

Re: Canadian Nortons.

This picture appears in "The Canadian Military Motorcycle" by the late Clive M Law, who stated they are from a Reconnaissance Squadron of the 2nd Canadian Division on 18th November 1940 in England.


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Re: Canadian Nortons.

Hi Rob,

Thank you for mentioning Clive Law, and Service Publications. I didn't know that Clive had passed away. A sad thing, he did a lot for our hobby.


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