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WD motorcycles - luggage racks

Hi there,

I have a WD BSA M20 and I have the correct military luggage racks, but I'm buggered if I can find the brackets that stabilise them. In the parts book they're marked 66-6915L and 66-6915R.

As I understand it, these racks were made to fit all WD bikes, but I imagine the stabilising brackets would have to vary depending on the frame they're attached to.

I've tried to get a couple of blacksmiths around here to make me some brackets that would do the trick (for a skilled smithy I imagine it would be all of ten minutes work) but these Berliners are just so hopeless and lazy! Anything out of the ordinary is just too bloody hard!

Does anyone know where I might get hold of these parts?


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Re: WD motorcycles - luggage racks

Contact me off forum...Ian

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