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Help removing chaincase cover/footpeg.


Can't for the life of me figure this out and it seems like it should be simple.

Spent about an hour trying to remove the left footpeg so I can remove the primary cover to check into a possible clutch problem.

I remove the bolt from the shaft the foot peg is on, try to pull the foot peg off, it slides about 1/4" or 5mm and just stops. I can't get it to travel any further. Tried levering it, hammering it, etc, no help. There isn't anything in my instruction book about this being a difficult task.

The bike shakes pretty bad when I fully release the clutch while in motion, when it didn't do that last year. Figured it was a clutch issue so that's why I was investigating by removing the primary cover in the first place.

Is there some secret to removing a simple foot peg?

Thanks for any advice...

Re: Help removing chaincase cover/footpeg.

Well, worked my ass off trying to get it loose, gave up. Small 110 pound girlfriend asks what's wrong, tell her, she walked over and pops it off in like 3 seconds. Cannot explain what happened, guess she had a the magic touch.....


Re: Help removing chaincase cover/footpeg.

Hi Paul

I think we've all had that happen! Sometimes the more you try the worse / less it works...

Glad it worked out :-)



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Re: Help removing chaincase cover/footpeg.

It's always good to have a petite girl friend handy!

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