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War & Peace Rideout.

For all those planning to go to War & Peace in Kent this year. Hope to see you on the motorcycle ride-out at 11am at the Spitfire bar on Friday 28th.

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Re: War & Peace Rideout.

I will be there but just as a stall holder, no bike.

But I will try to see the rideout and get some pictures.


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Re: War & Peace Rideout.

Unfortunately it clashes with the 'Indian Riders' rally here in Dorset that me and Tim are hosting. So we'll be making a one day trip to Hop Farm on Wed 26th.

Currently I'm trying to commission John A's Norton Big 4 as he is hoping to use it at W&P as a run around. It's been badly put together by some so called expert restorer. Tomorrow will be my 4th day of what I thought would be a half day exercise Mag and carb both knackered and now replaced, inlet cam out by 3 teeth causing flames out the carb. UNF bolts wound into BSC threads....and so on. Ron

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