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Impregnate DR Coat

Hey guys,
yesterday I was with my BSA at an classic meeting. The weather showed itself from there best british side. My coat was tight for felt 15 minutes till i feel me so wet. My question, can impregnate my coat with something? I know that is rubbish inside and its problematic.
Cheers vincent

Re: Impregnate DR Coat

Hi Vincent,

If you've read some of the books of WW2 DR's who wore these coats, nothing seem to have changed in 75 years.......
Wet and heavy they will be when it's raining.
I've bought a cheap waterproof spray and I spray it on my coat every now or then. So far it does the job. Good luck!


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Re: Impregnate DR Coat

Original ww2 coats/gas capes etc had linseed oil rubbed into them..but i would advise against doing it to an original and just buying that spray can stuff for waterproofing shoes perhaps


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