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Triumph petrol tank emblem.

This Triumph 3SW appears to have a knights helmet emblem on its petrol tank,cant find this one in any book I have,some one may know what it is,photo is from an article on servicing WD motorcycles that's why the electrical parts are shown darker.  photo DSC_0053_zpsxtg63dpc.jpg

Re: Triumph petrol tank emblem.

Is it 2nd Armoured Division ? The plume varied a little in some illustrations.

Re: Triumph petrol tank emblem.

It is indeed...Formed in the UK and sent to Africa at the wrong time the division was completely over run by Rommels forces during his first advance in the desert...

Most of the division was captured or destroyed including the HQ units..It was not reformed afterwards and that is why the markings are not seen often...

Here's a 5SW I restored in the same markings a few years back...Ian

 photo Image1.jpg

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