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Rear Axle Modification

My M20 rear axle needs an overhaul due to too much work being done by mole wrench mechanics in the past, worn threads, over and/or under adjustment of the bearings over the years etc. I am tempted to fit a 20mm diameter EN16 axle, threaded both ends, with sealed deep groove ball bearings and make up the necessary spacers. I would make the spacer between the bearings long enough to allow small float (0 to 0.005") of the hub, ensuring no axial load on the bearings. I would guess that this is a common mod and would appreciate feedback from anyone who has considered this mod and either done it or decided against it?

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Re: Rear Axle Modification

I haven't done this mod to my M20....but I have done it to my 1951 B33...

I used a swinging arm 'crinkle hub' wheel whilst retaining the original brake plate and manufactured the spindle, wheel adjustment cams (2 on the B33) and spacers etc. to suit...

That set up has been running on the bike for about 20-25 years...

It's got the small 'conical hub' front wheel off a B50 as well!..

In 2018 I will have had the bike 40 years...Where did that go?...Ian

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Re: Rear Axle Modification

Peter, your modification may work (or not!) but wouldn't it be easier to find the right good parts and put it back together ?

Re: Rear Axle Modification

Mick, thanks for your response. The reality is that living in Johannesburg, South Africa, we have a dysfunctional postal service, few specialist services and a weak currency. I could order from Draganfly, using courier services to deliver, but this would be at a significant cost. For a relatively small cost, about 10% of new parts route, I can make up the parts needed, using deep groove ball bearings. The old parts are not totally unusable so I will keep them for when my bike goes to the museum, but since I plan to use the M20 for regularity rallying, I want something simple, straight forward, robust and reliable.

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