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BSA M20 clutch hub converter

Have managed to get together various parts to put clutch together, new bearings, replaced a couple of really low pads friction plates and replaced a couple of steel plates which were pitted.
New set of springs and bolts plus screw adjusters.

Just managed to remove the hub which has been welded and messed with to allow the Triumph clutch to fit.

My question is, can I get a replacement converter ?
Tried guessing and now have a new Hub for BSA A10 and A7 models for Triumph clutch conversion. ORIGINAL BSA PART NUMBER IS 42-3170
Can this be machined, Is it worth considering? think it may be too hard. ?
HOW do I get around this? or do I refit the old Welded hub. It still looks ok on bearing surface and no apparent wear.
Otherwise stuck!

 photo Old hub 1b_zpsablziw3t.jpg

 photo Old hub 1a_zpsxy2qfww4.jpg

 photo Gearbox Drive shaft_zps0vmz2khu.jpg

 photo Clutch parts_zpsjyuqvr1z.jpg

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Re: BSA M20 clutch hub converter

I think Kiddiminster Motorcycles can supply the clutch sleeve adapter to enable a Triumph 4 spring clutch to fit the BSA gearbox mainshaft.

Tell them exactly what you have, and want to do, and they should be able to help.



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