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whitworth tools free on a first come basis

I have given up riding motorcycle(old age) sold all my motorcycles now and have some whitworth tools to give away there is 10 open/ring spanners from 1/8"wit to 9/16" wit 7 3/8" drive and 7 1/2" drive sockets 4 C spanners chain link remover tool plus some bits and bobs the whole the weight is approx. 4.75 kilos I don't want any money I would like the cost of postage be paid into Henk's web site or more if you like it will be expensive to post them to the USA but if you are willing to pay that is ok I can email you a photo if you want I hope you are not buying to resale email me good luck roger

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Re: whitworth tools free on a first come basis

Hi Roger, email sent

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