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Big end play

I have just stripped my 1942 wm engine, I'm going to hone the barrel which still looks ok ,the big end has no play in/out that I can feel ,but does have sideways play ,is this normal?
Is it worth taking the flywheels apart cleaning up the conrod race and roller surface and replacing the bigend rollers with the harley one piece oversize rollers or will I be ok with what I have
The motor sat with oil in for many years 6+ but all the other bearings look good
I also have a non original Japanese headlamp glass,how do I measure the headlamp size,do I remove the glass and measure across it?(height)
One other question, can I get main bearings with seals on one side and then put the original oil washer back in( will this help with oil leaks?)
Where can i purchase clutch fiber pads that will run dry or in oil,
Many thanks

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Re: Big end play

Dave Tann from this forum, makes replica WD headlamp glass and even with the Difusa logo.

Ian Wright from this forum has the clutch plates you are looking for, he will also answer your query about the mains and big end.


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Re: Big end play

No clutch plates at present I'm afraid...

Regarding the big end there should be no perceptible vertical play and approx. .010"-.012" side play...The engines will run OK with more side play but shouldn't have less than the figure quoted...

Stripping the big end to inspect it?....It depends on how thorough you want to be...

If it has no play and turns smoothly it may have thousands of miles of life left in it but you will be taking the chance that it hasn't. For example, one part of the big end track may have deteriorated but breaking you won't 'feel' that, as the rest of the bearing supports the rod and doesn't allow you to feel the fault by a manual test...

The only way to be 100% sure is to strip it...However, in that case you WILL at least find some light wear and then you have to consider whether it's worth putting a slightly worn big end back together for further use...

If the small end requires replacement it's much easier to size the small end bush accurately with the rod removed from the engine...So that may make the difference to your decision..

So do you feel lucky?... ...Ian

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