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Correct rear plate holder?

Hey all,

I've been looking at lots of pictures, seen many different shapes and styles and info but can't determine what the correct style rear license plate holder is for my bike.

1940 BSA WM20

This is what it looks like now, and looks modified from original but I am uncertain.

Can anyone explain, or show a picture of what the correct one for this year, or during WW2 styles please?

On a side note, I got the bike running for the first time and took it for a short ride, super thrilled.

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Re: Correct rear plate holder?

The lower assembly is a standard post-war setup. Brake lights and reflectors became compulsory. I'm not sure what the round lamp above is for.

Originally, dependent upon the exact date, a 1940 WM20 could have had a centrally mounted MT1130 (Incredibly rare and expensive)or an MT110 (not so rare but also expensive if original).

What is your frame number ?

Re: Correct rear plate holder?

Frame number: WM20.103506

That smaller tail light isn't hooked up. It seems more vintage military to me and matched the post-war number plate on there (that's the cold war era registration number) the wires are hanging. Someone put the larger one on at some point with a brake switch so it lights when braking.

I have a third tail light, in a box; It's WD NOS and has green paint on it. That one is also small and round but has a different mounting method. It looks similar to this one I found in image search:$_1.JPG

Thank you, Rik.

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Re: Correct rear plate holder?

Paul, 103506 is not a 1940 number - it is fairly late production from contract S2603 and would have been delivered during 1944.

By this time, 'civilian' style number plate holders were no longer being fitted which means that whatever you do in order to comply with the legal requirement to display a number plate (spoilsports !)it will inevitably be a compromise.

Lots choose for the 1940 style square plate with a replica MT110 mounted top right (many replicas have a brake light fitted but area and lack of reflector could be an issue).

As original it would have had the WD tail light, as per your loose example (but there are several types and I'm not knowledgeable about these later fittings).

The alternative is that you stick with the post-war setup. It's praactical and it's military but no such thing was fitted during '39-'45.

Re: Correct rear plate holder?

Wow! First I've heard of it, hah. I'm going to have to check the previous registration and paperwork I have. It was sold as a 1940.

The engine number is WM20.941. Maybe this is what's going on with the dates?

My confusion was I've seen so many different styles of plate holder. I guess it's up to my choice then if I revert it to WW2 style?

I've been sticking the modern legal motorcycle plate on with neodymium magnets so I can remove it for looks when "on display."

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Re: Correct rear plate holder?

The modern, bigger rearlight is a sensible modification.
Much safer at night (that means, IF you go out at night. Joseph Lucas advised people not to do so..)

Re: Correct rear plate holder?

M20 941 ought to be a 1939 / 1940 engine but there are a lot of gaps in the factory records around this time and the entry is blank - although there were two frames numbered 940 supplied with different engine numbers to different dealers in the same week during December 1939!

If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that 941 was a spare or replacement engine and therefore not listed in the complete machine despatch records.

Re: Correct rear plate holder?

WM 20 engine number 7067,year product?

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