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Video of a build

Well, i guess we are out of luck on the video of a M 20 being built. But i would think one of us would have done a youtube video of a fix? I would love to see, say the timing being set, or a tune up? Have any of us done even some minor videos on the maintenance or fixing of a M-20?. If yes, please send the link out so I/we can check it out! Thanks, Rob

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Re: Video of a build

Hi Robert,

OK, it's not a build of a M20, the colour of the frame hurts my eyes, the guy building it is wearing a Triumph T-shirt and the soundtrack of the video is from the 80's.....but it still a build of a classic BSA....

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Re: Video of a build

The topic has been brought up before here on this forum and it appears that there are no "how to"-videos for M20s out there. For Triumph unit-twins which is my normal habitat there are plenty (for instance do a search for Lunmad on youtube).

Being a trained filmmaker and an M21 owner I guess it would perhaps be my purpose in life to provide this video for the people of the world. A couple of things are at the moment in the way however.
1. Time, I have no time what so ever for doing this.
2. Bike, my M21 is nearly finished and I am not all that friendly to the idea of tearing it down again for instruction purpose only.
3. Skill, I have built a few bikes and they eventually seem to work ok. But I am by no means skilled enough to be telling the "truth" on how to do this.

Maybe one day (when I have time) I will find some one close to where I live that I can film while he/she is doing an M20 rebuild. But hopefully someone else will have picked up the idea long before that day.

Re: Video of a build

I forgot I already asked this question a few years back and got a answer . This is the closest thing to a video of a BSA build.

Thanks, Rob

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