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bsa pump

hi all, just picked up a bsa pump from flea bay for £27, it has a makers name soundex on it, any one else come across this name before, it fits my m21 tank, and looks the right age pump. curt

img photo bsapump001_zpsa00adabc.jpgimg

img photo bsapump005_zps455b2e0f.jpgimg

img photo bsapump002_zps5cdffa07.jpgimg

img photo bsapump006_zps930748a6.jpgimg

Re: bsa pump

Hi Curt

Here are my 3 BSA pumps, all lengths are compressed.

Left 15" long 3/4" body
Middle 16" long 13/16" body
right 14" long 7/8" body

Only the middle one has another makers name other than logo on the handles so I presume the other 2 were made by BSA?

The 2 thinner ones are for bicycles?


 photo pump1_zps1aa28c3c.jpg

 photo pump3_zps358716be.jpg

 photo pump2_zps981af306.jpg

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Re: bsa pump

I will bump this thread to the top of the pile.

The 1939 and 1940 civilian BSA spares lists show the non stirrup type for the M20 and the one with the stirrup for the G14.

As to what was fitted later in the war its very hard to say.


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Re: bsa pump

Here my two BSA pumps, the top one can be seen in the 1939 parts list. The bottom one can be found in the 1946 parts list and both have the same part number.

The top one can be seen in some early war DeLuxe BSA photos, no idea when they changed from the one to the other. Would be interesting to know if that took place during the war. Both are the correct size to fit under an M20 tank. No makers name but BSA on them.


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Re: bsa pump

I bought another BSA pump last week at a local auto jumble, this time I was sure I had the right one, but when I got home I tried it under the tank its an inch too long. And now looking at it again I have noticed it has one of those strange swallow tailed broad arrows on the side which I had seen before but wasn't completely convinced about. It also has a maker "Bailey's Super Pump Made in England".

Could it be for a pre war BSA V twin or is it simply for a BSA Military Bicycle?


image ru

image ru

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