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gearbox neutral incorrect ??

I cleaned and also did re-new the bush of the forth gear and new bearings and set up the three shafts with minimal endfloat. When the dog is in forth and third gear, the gap of the dog between the 1e and 2e gear is equal. Also when the the dog is in 1e and 2e gear, the gap of the dog between the 3e and 4e gear is equal. I thought that it was OK, but now when I put the gear in Neutral(between 1e and 2e gear) the dag almost hits the 1e gear? It dos not hit it, but it is very close. Does anyone knows if this is correct?? I would think that the gap also would be equal between the dog and 1e and 2e gear. If so, does anyone know the answer to fix this, because I can’t think of any solution without changing the gap between the gears.

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