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goldstar parts

hi,following on from the earlier post about the zb34 motor,i went looking at goldstar parts,amazing, how prices are rocketing(no pun intended)
heres a few examples

RRT2 GEARBOX AND CLUTCH,330788061083 £1800.00 START
SC-T GEARBOX 261092667459 £600.00 START
CLUTCH NEW 320967590145 £290.00 START
CRANK PIN,MAY FIT M20 260586507164 £186.30 COMPLETE KIT
GP CARB 320976038634 £550.00 START
i also found this nice looking A7/A10/B31 200815945612 at £4250.00
and a 350 Goldstar in Belgium 261090084593 not the best but not a lot of money
about £3950,
this one needs checking out,primary chain,72-74-76-78 links,£5.00 start
£7.50 buy it now,may be industrial chain ,even so a good price
may help someone,cheers rick

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