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Clutch adjustment, frustrated!

OK, so I have been a bit neglectful and have not attended to the final items on my M20 after its restoration until today. Aiming to take it the IMPS show at Headcorn this weekend, but having some trouble with getting the clutch adjusted correctly.

So, at the moment, I have a reasonable clutch, bits a bit late on the lever but kickstart will not drive the engine. If I adjust the lever much then I cannot change gear but I get a kickstart that operates.

The adjuster on the cable is fully screwed in and the and I have fiddle with the sccrew and ball. Now , its official I am frustrated, and dreading someone telling me that I have assembled something incorrectly ( could the ball on the clutch end of the pushrod not be there?)

So, can someone please tell me how to sort it out, or better still come and do it for me, whilst I watch and drink the beer?



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