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Normandy 2014 info.

There definitely will be another 'gathering' of WD bikes to commemorate the 70th. Anniversary of D Day.
Target for the 70th. is 200 bikes.
The tour will have the campsite at Etreham as its main base and space has already been booked there and a deposit paid. Anyone booked onto the tour will have access to this facility at a pre arranged rate for camping and will not have to make their own arrangements in advance.
The 'booking on' list will open early in 2013 and run for a year with booking ceasing in April of 2014.
Many riders will choose to make their own arrangements, there will be a 'NOBS' group (Normandy Old Bike Society) staying at their own site who we will be liasing and meeting up with during the D Day week. Some will also elect to stay in hotels, other locations etc.
Wherever you choose to stay you will need to be 'booked on' to the tour to be eligible to take part in the main events and Guiness Record run on D Day itself and to receive all the tour information in advance.
Negotiations are in hand with the Mayors Office at Arromanche for the official permissions required to enter the center of the town on D Day...again if you are booked onto the tour you will be covered by these permissions and guaranteed access.(not always possible on major anniversaries)
Broadly the 'rules' will be the same as for the 65 for 65 event...The purpose of the event is to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of D Day with a particular emphasis on the WD Motorcyclists who took part. As such it is a bike only other vehicles are eligible.
All WW2 WD motorcycles used by the allied forces are eligible..but not 'captured' motorcycles or any motorcycle not constructed in an allied country..All motorcycles must be presented in a military finish.
Exact dates and duration of the tour are still to be decided but it will run for approx. 10 days...Participants will be able to do as little or as much of that time as they choose but (obviously) must be in attendance on D Day.
You will be making your own arrangements for getting to Normandy and can arrive by any and trailers, bikes, vans etc.....
That's a brief outline of the basics...full information will be supplied at the appropriate time after booking commences and the details have all been finalised. I (and others) will be going to Normandy next year to complete detailed arrangements...I hope you can all make it for the event..I can guarantee it will be a week you won't forget in a hurry....Ian

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