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Re; DVLA closure of regional offices

Here's a link to a new(ish) consultation from the DVLA. Haven't have much chance to study it, but it concerns the proposed closure of a number of regional offices, or possibly all of them. As I said, I haven't been through it properly yet.

What it will mean is that motorcyclists will have to deal directly with Swansea rather than local offices if they need to reclaim registration numbers, etc.

The worrying thing is that there isn't much time on this. The consultation closes March 20th 2012. The document was posted today (correction; the consultation was launched on December 13th 2011. Apologies. Don't know how I overlooked this; I usually see this stuff fairly early on).

Anyway, check it out and make your protests, if applicable, and please circulate this to your local bike club or whatever.

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