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Horn mounting query..

A recent discussion concluded that the fitting of the early type of horn was carried on until late 1942.
That raises another query...I understood that by 42 the hexagonal saddle spring supports and shorter springs were standard fitment. If that was the case how would the horn mounting clevis have been attached?
Either bikes up to this quite late date were still using the longer springs and 'studbar' type mountings or a different arrangement would have been required.
Possibilities are that the clevis did not incorporate a stud on the back but was drilled and tapped out to screw onto the end of the saddle support under the frame lug...or the horn clevis still retained the threaded part (but shorter), and the saddle support was drilled and tapped and screwed onto the top of the clevis stud above the frame lug...
Can anyone shed any light on this?..or come up with any 42 dated bikes in photos with the early horn fitted?....Ian

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