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Worth more than gold?

Pillion seat - curved metal flat frame - Original, needs rebuild
Repo pillion seat, not on OEM frame
- both seats are on a flat frame that bolts to the rear mudguard, not the raised, sprung mount -
Rider's seat - Lycet seat rebuilt. Virtually new, springs, frame, cover and all.
Blackout headlight with intact glass slot.
Five books and manuals
NEW brake cables,clutch cables, and others
Original cables, brake, clutch, spark, choke, throttle
Vokes air filter

How much do you think all this is worth?

Not to mention gaskets headlight bulbs, new Whitworth fasteners, drive chain, sprocket, and misc. other parts. Corporal's uniform (pants, shirt, mess jacket, dress cover - hat - et all) - right down to cartridge pouches with dummy rounds, puttees, web belt. Helmets (3), white MP brassard, belt, puttees.

Oh, yeah - original canteen/case replete with cork and gas mask in bag

My bike is at the Imperial Palace Car Museum in Las Vegas. It's going up for auction Jan. 12, 2012. Catalog price - $8,000 to $10,000. I'm selling the spares separately. When they're gone ...

PRICE: Everything except the uniform ($1500 alone) is $1200. You pay shipping. I'll send photos of everything or individual pieces. Prefer to sell it altogether.

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