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For Sale - 1944 BSA M20 (Located in USA)

Early 1944 frame (101531) with 1940 engine (5960) [REME tag present as well
from 1951 engine overhaul]

Paintjob is so-so with some off-color touch-ups. There are thin spots,
chips, dents and scratches.

Schipperfabrik pannier bags and Y-straps included.

The fuel tank unit markings and C number are completely wrong for this bike.
Previous owner applied them after reading the story of the real bike it

Previous owner was a Brit bike enthusiast in general (not really military bikes) and installed a Powerdynamo and
Triumph clutch (old one slipped and dragged). Pics of the clutch conversion
can be seen here:

Other parts included with the bike (also see pics in my photobucket album
linked below):
- Original pillion seat and saddle, both need new covering material (tape is
covering the holes for the pillion seat on the bike)
- Original magdyno - previous owner said it was working but I can't confirm.
- Original clutch (or at least "original" as in M20?) - debatable condition.
- Freshly bored spare cylinder head but it has a chipped fin, but the
chipped piece is included if repair attempt desired?)
- New spare piston.
- Spare gearbox - condition unknown.

I'm really not a rider so unfortunately the bike just sits in the garage but
I do at least start it at least once every other week. It's started to get a
smoky exhaust, I'm assuming due to lack of use?

Asking $6k OBO.

I have a valid North Carolina vehicle title for it.

See more images here:

email (option):

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