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Pic of M20 as arrived in NZ

Hi guys
Sorry ,should have posted this earlier. This is a scan of a photo of my 45 M20 as it arrived in NZ some 15 years ago. It may be too small to get any detail.It shows it with a rear guard with side valance's ??? and a number plate with (?S 1414 a)???. I suspect this number to be post war reg number. But if anyone has any info on this, please let me know.
If i blow the pic up i can see that the rear guard has had patches welded into it. So is this type of guard ( valanced) correct or not?
I realize that over the years many parts may have been changed, but i would like it to be as close to period correct as possible with the restoration.

Thanks for all your help even if a lot of you have titanium knees


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