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Post war crankcases

I have just picked up a set of NOS postwar replacement crankcases...There seems to be only one difference between these and wartime examples and that is that the oil pressure 'tell tale' fitting hole is not machined out...and of course no engine number has been applied.
This prompts a thought about the timing covers...some have an unmachined boss for the crank case breather cast into them, while others have this feature completely omitted.
Does anyone know when the two types were used? wartime photos of new machines show the type with the unmachined boss?..or is this another post war fitment. I know the casing with the boss machined out was used pre war on OHV machines.(and on late contract WB 30s).
In the same vien are there other post war replacement parts apart from the obvious frames, headlamps etc. which might inadvertantly be fitted to a wartime spec. machine?. Finally, does anyone know of other examples applying to different manufactures?..Ian

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