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WW2 movie filming in Norfolk. Wally Harris.

Okay. Not sure of the details here. Got a call today when I was driving up the M11 from Haywards, Cambridge (Enfield and Guzzi dealer).

Apparently there's some kind of filming going on in or around Muckleborough, Norfolk this weekend. Something to do with Wally Harris maybe?

Anyway, the producer/director/whoever is looking for military bikes for moving props. My bike isn't really suitable (not very military looking), but some of you guys have got all the right bells and whistles.

The number is: 07816 520 228. The guy to speak to is Richard. If that doesn't work, Gogole Haywards of Cambridge.

Apologies if some of the details are wrong. As I said, I was driving, and the call was being relayed through my other half. Not sure if this has already been on the forum. Too busy to check. But I said I'd mention it, so consider it mentioned.

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