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Welbike uprates?

Hear say has it that the first pattern Excelsior Welbikes were uprated during their service.
Supposedly the first pattern petrol tanks, which had a combined filler cap and air pump in the off-side tank, were replaced by the later set-up (as per second contract) with a filler cap in the near-side tank and the air pump in the off-side one. I am not using the term Mk. I as this seems to be a later thing, not shown in the standard Army Vehicle Nomenclature. The WD contract card for the first contract shows the term Mk. I, but this is added in a different lettering than what the rest of the card was initially filled out with.

The reason for asking is, that recently I have come across two early Welbikes (frame numbers 1xx and 3xx), which both had a rear mudguard stay added to the frame, but both still had the original configuration for the tanks. Could it be that the army uprated the socalled Mk. I to include a rear mudguard. But what about the mud/rain flap between the two tanks: may that have been part of a uprating process too? It would be interesting if anyone could come up with some documentation.

On a different line:(and again for the Welbike experts) has anyone got an idea how many Welbikes were converted into the Welcharger? Or can it be, that the centre stand as welded on to the rear frame plate as for this conversion, may have seen a widerspread usage?


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