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Re: Cheap rental car in Costa Rica

Asking what's the cheapest car rental in Costa Rica is kind of a loaded question.

If you truly want 'cheap', you're going to get junk; at best poor customer service and at worse, an undependable vehicle that you're either too embarrassed to be seen in, or (sometimes) seen pushing to the next service station...

I think what you're asking for is 'reasonable' or 'fair' amount to pay for the use of a car during your vacation.

You can go with the big box rental stores like Dollar, Alamo, Budget or chose to see more local color by using a 'native' agency.

I chose a company based on customer reviews more so than just the bottom line dollar amount. It's my vacation, I *should* enjoy it and not worry about the fact that I already over-paid for the airline ticket, the parking, the baggage, the airport food, etc. Get the point?

I got to enjoy my stay without the hassles of a bad car on top of it all. I recommend, and so do a lot of others, for their 'what you see is what you pay' attitude, not 'oh by the way, it's going to be X amount for this, this and that." I like to know where I stand *before* the end of the rental.

Something else that's nice is that you can get a quote from their website without talking to anyone or making a commitment.

Sorry for the long answer to your 'simple' question, "cheap rental car in Costa Rica"

Re: Cheap rental car in Costa Rica - by Pearljhonson - Aug 24, 2011 7:11am
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