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Timothy Taylor's in Oz

I was recently in Adelaide and it was pointed out that a liquor outlet next to our restaurant had a quite amazing 'wall of beer'. The large wall was completely filled with bottled beer from all over the world. I asked the guy if he had any TT and sure enough he went straight to the wall and picked out a Timothy Taylor Landlord. Naturally I purchased the said item and thoroughly enjoyed it, much fruitier and complex than most Oz beers. I'm not an expert on beer by any means as I prefer a big grunty Oz shiraz, but it was good to have a taste of Keighley.

Cheers (hic)

Re: Timothy Taylor's in Oz

My local bottle shop up in the wilds of the Blue Mountains stocks Old Speckled Hen, a drop I grew to love whilst down South, you can get almost any drop you want in Oz now

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 58-61

Current location (optional) Blue Mountains, Australia via Haworth

Re: Timothy Taylor's in Oz

I drank Taylor's in both Melbourne and Brisbane during this last summer - very much to my surprise and enjoyment! Had it in Singapore too - though at an exorbitant price!

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 1951-58

Current location (optional) Cottingham, East Yorkshire