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Camp as it is today

Some nice new photos, taken recently thanks to Dave Walls

Current location (optional) Singapore

Re: Camp as it is today

Are you sure that's Kirkudbright - blue sky & sunshine??????
Seriously though, those images really bring back wondeful memories. My wife and I are hoping to drive through Scotland next year, as far as the Orkneys, and I too will be stopping off at Kirky to check it out.

Re: Camp as it is today

Nice pictures, Dave. So the field is no longer a pitch and putt course.
How's your Jim, by the way?

Re: Camp as it is today

Still a couple of pitch and putt holes at the top of the field. I was amused to see that one of them lies pretty much on top of the line of cess pits that were dug over the years. Perhaps that’s why no one was playing.
Jim’s fine, Ian. Thanks for asking.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 62-69

Current location (optional) Nottingham