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How times have changed!

I was amazed to read several job advertisements in this week’s Keighley News for staff roles at Oakbank School, which as everyone knows was our former Grammar school - which illustrate how standards have dropped since the days of KBGS.
Senior Learning Support Assistant:
‘.... a cheerful, caring person to provide additional classroom support to students with a range of learning difficulties.’
‘Mad Willy’?
Teaching Assistant – PE Department:
‘The successful candidate will provide support to the PE department in the setting up and maintenance of PE equipment, ordering/maintaining stocks and arranging inter-school fixtures.’
Gilbert would turn in his grave!
Teaching Assistant – Numeracy Across the Curriculum:
‘Working with the maths department to support students KS3 with numeracy across the curriculum ...’
An excellent role for ‘Basher’!
Behaviour Support Assistant:
‘We require an enthusiastic and committed person to work as part of a team of staff supporting students who present challenging behaviour’
Cronshaw for this one!
Inclusions Support Assistant:
‘Working with the Inclusions Faculty in the developing area of Vocational and Alternative curriculum Pathways ..... The ability to remain calm and positive when dealing with young people who may be temporarily disengaged with learning, is essential.’
An ideal role for ‘Vince’!
Who says that the educational standards of today are superior to those of the 60’s and before?
Surely this is why Grammar schools should never have been abolished in favour of Comprehensive education and the reason why so many parents want their children (with ability) to attend Skipton Girl’s High School and Ermysted’s Grammar!
Any other suggestions for the positions?

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 59 - 66

Current location (optional) Embsay

Re: How times have changed!

Whilst not quite in the same vein, I used to think that I travelled a long way to kbgs from Haworth, after all, if I had been paying, it would have been a 3d half fare. I think it was only about 3 miles and took about 15 minutes by bus. How far did others travel to school. I used to think that places like Skipton were on t'other side of the world almost. I couldn't begin to imagine where places like Queensbury might have been.

Nowadays as I travel 65 km each way to "work" at Granville College (ee but that sounds grand doesn't it), admittedly I drive on a motor way for 60 km and I have a very comfortable 4wd with all mod cons, the distance doesn't seem so great.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 58-61

Current location (optional) Blue Mountains, Australia via Haworth