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Junior Mixed & Infants' Council School, Stanbury

Fascinating website, click here.

Some entries that show life was tough in those days:

26th February, 1923 page 472
...We were horrified to learn later that one of these girls, Emma Louisa Whitaker of Rush Isles Farm was drowned while on her way home. It appears that she stepped off the plank while crossing the beck and was swept away by the strong current.

18th May 1934 page 52
Jessie Barnes, one of our scholars, by accident had her arm scalded on the night of Tuesday 8th May septicaemia has supervened and we have been informed she died on Wednesday May 16th.

6th September, 1937 page 72

A scholar here, Grace Wood, was yesterday knocked down by a motor car and later died in hospital.

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Re: Junior Mixed & Infants' Council School, Stanbury

Yes it is a lovely site Chris. I enjoy having a look in there occasionally. What a wonderful record that someone had the foresight to retain.There are some great historical photos too.Cheers.

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