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School camp at Kirkcudbright

Does anyone know what happened to the school camp at Kirkcudbright ?
Memories of palliasses , bike rides and cold swims come to mind .

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 59-66

Current location (optional) Gilsland -Cumbria

Re: School camp at Kirkcudbright

A few years ago, I was running very early on a trip to the ferry at Stranraer, so I took a little detour via Kirky. The town hasn't changed much although the cinema is inevitably closed, and that shop (MacAdams?) where we used to buy mucky playing cards, poker dice and knives is rather different. The camp building is apparantly still owned by Oakbank and used as a field study centre, and the field is a pitch and putt golf course. Nunmill Farm is a bijou residence. There is now a car park and toilets near the beach. The "shipwreck" is still there. Didn't have time to go crabbing, visit Devil's Canyon or the Pirate's Grave.
Remember the egg-rack!

Re: School camp at Kirkcudbright

I recall it was a recognised camp feat of endurance to swim out to the wreck (and back, if I recall correctly.)

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 52-60

Current location (optional) Lincoln