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Class members

I recently received an email from John Craven inviting me to communicate so here goes.
My first recollection of KBGS was the first morning walking up through that dreaded tunnel.
I was slapped over the head for not having my peaked cap on straight.
To me it was all too strict a regime with topics such as Shakespeare and Milton all too highbrow. I now regularly go to Stratford to watch Shakespeare however.
The teaching was poor...dictation( totally unnecessary) copying from the blackboard( sometimes all lesson if it was a geography map). The teacher just sat at the front and read.
I remember walking to the playing fields at Greenhead as we didn't have any playing fields of our own.
And finally that delicious Dan Delucci ice cream we could sample if we were supervised across Alice Street by a prefect.
Does anyone have class lists or photos?
I would love to see them.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 58-63

Current location (optional) Keighley now Rhos, North Wales

Re: Class members

Don't remember you Malcolm. However I can still recite the class list for form 2L1 in 1960-61. Form Master M. Hardcastle, form room Biology Lab.

Andrews, Bailey, Battarbee, Bennison, Binns, Bracewell, Britten, Craven, Foulger, Goodall, Hall, Hawkins, Haygarth, Holmes, Jones , Labrum, Lowcock , Messenger, Midgley , Moate , Pamment, Pearson, Pike Pye, Sharpe, Shutleworth, Sunderland, Tennant, Walton, Wearmouth, White, Whitley , Youngs

For some obscure reason I have never forgotten this list ! (I did often take the register though)
Of course quite a few of these have posted regularly on here. I actually know the current circumstances of about 16 of them. Alas John Haygarth has passed away.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 58-64