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Macabre ?

Ok, I notice that most people in the forum are of my age.

I have been through the process of looking at engagements, weddings, births, etc.
(which were always in that chronological order in our times).

I then moved onto Silver Weddings etc.

Because I am far removed from the area I regularly
look at the Keighley News Web Site, and my first point of call (macabre as it is) is now the deaths column.

Glory-Be, people are dropping off like flies.
Last week alone, I noticed three close friends had passed away.

Would it be possible to form a searchable database in here, for masters and plebians, to establish -
"Alive or Dead" - a website of this nature is available with a search on google but obviously only for celebs, and there are few in here, with the exception of Trevor Pickles. :-)

I am sure we have the technology, or was all that education wasted ?

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 58-63

Current location (optional) Newport

Re: Macabre ?

Well I for one am very much alive and kicking despite being on borrowed time for the past 30 odd years after a misplaced bullet got me in the head, I will go out of this world the same way I came in, kicking and screaming. Don't think I will ever get to a silver wedding anniversary tho', my chequered past has blown too many marriages for me.

I remember a time in the 60s when a lot of my friends were falling off the perch at an alarming rate, mainly through drugs, car accidents and Vietnam.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 58-61

Current location (optional) Haworth now Blue Mountains in Australia

Re: Macabre ?

Me, a celeb. - how do you work that one out??

But I do notice a little smiling face accompanies your entry - what gives?

Re: Macabre ?

yr ok Trev - a star - my hero - yr well ok - I am not sure that the lack of brylcream and green and white stripes are helping u tho

Current location (optional) Newport