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The Keighlian Project - The Forgotten Old Boys

Dear all,

I've recently been in contact with your esteemed webmaster who has encouraged this posting regarding a Heritage Lottery Bid I am currently putting together.

I have the pleasure to teach Humanities at Oakbank School, and have among my responsibilities being the head of KS3 History. As a result I am bidding for £25,000 of Lottery money to allow our students the resources to fully explore and document the School 'archives' which dates to the turn of the century.

The plan is to research Old Boys who fought and died in the Great War, to research in full their lives and family trees, collect Obits and pictures and tehn finalyl in June visit the battlefields where the Forgotten Old Boys fought, died and are now buried and to pay our respects. We hope to 'shoot' a DVD and publish our findings in a booklet written by the students whose research it will contain.

If you would like to help or lend your support, or simply learn more then please dont hesitate to contact me in the following ways:
im@oakbank.org.uk or on 01535 210 111


Neil Moules