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Ira and the Lion

Here's a short story contributed by old boy, John Waddington-Feather.

Ira and the Lion

John adds: "it's one of a series about Keighley (the Keighworth in my novels) and will be published by Feather Books next year in a collection of essays, narrative poems (like the one I attach) and short stories all about Keighley.

We lived through a Golden Age when we were being raised in Keighley. If you can get hold of Ian Dewhirst's books on Keighley's history, they bring out how the town evolved to being one of the richest and leading cultural towns in England and produced some of the country's great scholars like Asa
Briggs, Herbert Butterfield and Gordon Bottomley.

Ian's book "Keighley in the Second World War" captures Keighley at its best in some ways It's published by Sutton Publishing in Gloucester and was
printed exclussively this year for Reid's Bookshop in Cavendish Street. It's ISBN is: 0 7509 4165 0."