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Malcolm Berry

With regard to the mysterious disappearance of Malcolm Berry, I can only give minor information about him. My father was James Berry, the Barber who had his shop in Low Street above Dunns, the hat shop, opposite Market Street. Malcolm was no relation of ours, in fact my mother says that he wasn`t from this area as there were no other hairdressers of that name in Keighley untill he appeared. Malcolm had his shop in Drill Street behind Cavendish street. I only went in once, and, as I remember,it was a rather scuffy place to say the least. Since the sad death of my father three years ago I`ve been going to Adrian`s hairdressers at the top of Lawkholme Lane and we recently talked at length about Malcolm`s disappearance. The one thing Adrian remembered was that Malcolm never took any holidays, yet the media seemed sure that he had gone to Spain. This, plus the fact that, prior to him going missing there was a note on his door saying he was on holiday, and when he would return, only adds to the mystery. The only other information I have is common knowledge, and that is he left a considerable sum of money which was never touched, and after the statutory seven years he was pronounced dead.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 57-61

Current location (optional) Keighley