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Cheating in the KBGS scrum

Quite frankly some of the rugger chaps left a lot to be desired in the bowels of the scrum. Playing at hooker in weekday friendly a certain lock (rugger term) Malcolm Whittlestone used to place his less than gentle fingers across my forehead and eyes to me prevent scooping the ball back to the scrum half. Whittlestone, I know you are still alive, so watch out, when next you venture into Haworth Main Street!

Re: Cheating in the KBGS scrum

Always having played at full back or sometimes on the wing, I wasn't party to the goings-on in the scrum so most of what went on on the rugby field (at least amongst the lads) didn't seem to involve any cheating as far as I could tell. There was, of course, 'Katie' Brown, master of the stiff arm tackle, which was more foul play than cheating and not a bundle of laughs if you didn't see it coming. You didn't really have to blame him for it since it was common in rugby at all levels - it was more Gilbert's incompetent refereeing in not seeing it every time that was the irritant.

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