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School Photos - Panoramas

Here's a status of panaromas

1920s - one from the 20s in Keighley library
1932 - missing
1936 - on site (shortly)
1940 - missing
1946 - on site
1950 - missing
1954 - on site
1958 - on site
1960 - on site
1964 - on site
1968 - stopped doing?

would be good to fill in the gaps!

(have started a new topic as my posting in the old topic seemed to go to the wrong place)

Re: School Photos - Panoramas

Hi Chris-as mentioned on an earlier posting,I have a 1950 panorama---- It's actually a laser copy in three pieces and it was quite a job for my framer to to get it all right-I'd hate to disturb it.However,I know where it came from in Keighley,a friend who is not online.If you can be patient I will organise something.At least you know where one is.Cheers.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 47-51

Current location (optional) Auckland NZ

Re: School Photos - Panoramas

Thanks, I can be patient!

Apparently the 1940 version is also around but I can't recollect who told me they had it. Maybe this thread will jog some memories.