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Dick (George) Cadman

First day at KBGS as a 1st former was a daunting one. The stories about flushing heads in the lavs and trapping first years in the Black Hole under abuse (usually spit)from older boys kept you awake at night in the weeks of the summer holiday prior to initiation. I went to school on the first day with a fourth year pupil and neighbour, John Turner, who advised that we arrived just before the bell. We were straight into assembly and were agog at the huge "men" (prefects) sitting on the platform with the teachers. Old Nick announced, after the devotions, that the new intake was to remain behind to be allocated to forms.The warm-up act while we sat waiting to hear which form we were to grace was Dick Cadman, Deputy Head. He had a kindly manner which was reassuring but a quiet voice which was occasionally lost under the mumblings of the mutterers, mostly from Ingrow as I recall.He gave us an off-the-cuff intro to the daily routines of the school and the new challenges we were to take up. Dick had taught Maths to my dad, so he had to be very old.He smiled a lot and gave you confidence that this terrible new experience would not be so bad after all. He seemed to teach mostly the upper age groups but whenever he had dealings with the littl'uns he was humorous and friendly. He retired to be succeeded by Harry Blinks, quite a different animal in my assessment. Dick, in retirement,would frequently turn up to watch school teams and was known to umpire in Old Boys Cricket matches at Lawkholme.He was the closest thing to Mr Chips that KBGS had to offer. Any other recollections of this lovable man?

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) terrymarston@hotmail.com

Re: Dick (George) Cadman


See my post re weapons of mass destruction! "Dick" had another side but I agree that he was almost human on occasions. He certainly encouraged me to go to Uni.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 51-58

Current location (optional) Cleckheaton