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KDG 26 West Yorkshire double decker bus

Sometimes I see the above restored bus about in Keighley and it reminds me of the times when I used to catch it outside Willis Walkers at 12:20. The number 6 to Fell Lane. At the top of Goulbourne Street the bus had to stop and make a right hand turn-crash box! So several KBGS lads including me used to jump off the rear platform and spill out onto the street by Mrs. Elvin's green grocer's shop.

Upstairs on those buses every so often a lick of white/cream new paint was applied to cover the nicotine staining of the paint work and I can smell the newness even now.

I also remember being on the top deck of a Number 6 bus at the Victoria Road stop outside Miss Duckney's house. She was the head teacher at Ingrow Primary School. A. Spencer announced to all and sundry that G. Clarkson`s(KBGS) dad had blown himself up in a Y.E.B sub-station and the pieces had to be put in a bucket.

Later George committed suicide. Personally I think the trauma of losing his father caused his early demise. A very good childhood friend of mine. R.I.P George.

Re: KDG 26 West Yorkshire double decker bus

Yes happy memories also John. The corner greengrocers (Elvins) was later taken on by Mr and Mrs Arthur Brooke (parents of Alan, a few years older than us, he lives in France now). The other shops were Halls (parents of Jim), a bakery (Emsleys??) and a ladys hairdresser.
I also knew George Clarkson and family well, very sad what happened. He had a younger brother also.
Alan Spencer is alive and kicking in Northwich, I understand on his third marriage. I tried to email him but he doesnt reply.

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